Corner Bar

As the hotel’s welcoming point on the corner of Wickham Street and Alden Lane, our corner bar is Brisbane’s cultural junction. Set against a raw, industrial interior, it’s the place to have a business lunch during the week, get a decent plated dinner with friends, or simply meet for a drink any day or night of the week.

Grab a take-away coffee or meal on the run from the street café, or sit outside in the Parisian-style footpath setting. Relax inside on our chesterfield couches to a broad range of rock and roll sounds, with varied influences ranging from acoustic surf rock through to grunge.

The renovated corner bar now boasts a contemporary, yet classic feel. Years of ad-hoc and eclectic layers have been stripped back to reveal the beauty of the building’s bare structural elements, including original floor tiles and exposed beams where the ceiling has been opened up. The natural light has come back into the room, creating a welcoming place for our guests, both old and new. You never know who or what you’ll see in this classic bar-cum-café with a twist.

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