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  • Corner Bar

    17 Aug 2014

    Situated on the corner of Wickham and Alden Streets, our internationally-styled corner bar is Brisbane’s cultural junction. Set against a raw, industrial interior, it’s the place to sample an eclectic collection of casual international flavours and new-age share food, or simply meet for a drink any day or night of the week.

  • The Garden

    17 Aug 2014

    The abandoned space has been reclaimed, and is now a relaxing, inner-city courtyard, serviced by a stylish bar and full kitchen, fitted out in an industrial shipping container.

  • The Studio

    17 Aug 2014

    Unused for years following the closure of its predecessor, upstairs has been reclaimed and transformed into a an incredible multipurpose space. Inspired by American antebellum architecture The Studio is now restored to its former glory.


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